Monday, 26 August 2013

Lesson 7: Then and Now (Illustrated)

Despite having always maintained that I would act/dress/shop/live in exactly the same way post-baby as I had done pre-pregnancy, I have this week accepted that I am failing miserably. 

Having taken stock of the 'key indicators' prompting this assessment, below is a selection of my favourites. In pictures.

Then and Now: Handbags
I used to own many bags (or imitation bags) like this one:

Nowadays, I'm pretty chuffed with this one:

Then and Now: Transport
A few years ago I bombed around in this, the company motor:

These days, I co-drive (and co-fly) these bad boys:

Then and Now: Skincare
There was a time that I used to treat myself to a luxury face mask in the bath on a Sunday night:

This week, I 'treated' myself to a Quickie Mask using my child's bum cream: 
Sudocrem - surprisingly effective. 
I feel it necessary to add here that the new house DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A BATH

Then and Now: Retail
In the Glory Days, I had time to shop here:
(and not feel like I had missed the memo on the latest style craze...referencing leotards for adults - really??) 

At present, however,  it wouldn't be an exaggeration if I said I buy 85% of EVERYTHING from here:

Or here...
 (If they don't sell it, you won't need it - FACT)

Then and Now: Body
I used to have a bum like this*: 
(*My bum was of course never really anything like this, but everything is peachier with rose-tinted glasses) 

Nowadays, the wrong light leaves it looking more like this**:
(**Again, not actually my bum. This would be a good day). 

Despite the above 'developments' in my life, I think (and I have given this 18 months of solid thought) that I am HAPPIER now. 

Happier despite living in a project house.
Happier despite now having a s**t 'runaround' car.
Happier despite having zero money for nice clothes.

Happier because now I have this:

The Unmumsy Mum


  1. This made me giggle! I know the feeling too ;)

  2. *whispers* I think I have that same monkey bag... And also how did u get hold of that picture of my arse...? Lol x

    1. Haha! Best keep it on the lowdown or there will be a national demand for monkey rucksacks. Obviously you mean the first bum ;-) Thanks for reading.

  3. You've hit the nail on the head there :)

  4. I discovered the Range the other day, I think it was the best place I've ever been. I bought stuff for card making. I don't make cards. I got a bit over excited haha!


    1. Haha!! I wonder if it is a false economy if you end up buying a load of stuff you never knew you needed...ah to hell with it, I picked up some completely necessary home accessories :-/ great shop.

  5. I read this and sighed because I can barely remember my pre-child life (only 8 years!). I'm pretty sure I'm the same level of happy now as I was, just different reasons to be happy - if I could remember.

    1. Ha! I think my problem is that I constantly remember my pre-child life, though of course wouldn't change him for the world. Thank you for reading :-)

  6. Ahhh I remember that life before
    Wouldn't change it for the world though :)

    1. Lol you never appreciate how easy life is before children - but then you don't have any need to consider it I guess!! Thanks for reading.

  7. Haha. This made me laugh. Amazing how things change when you have a child. No matter what you do, you now always come second and your 'freedom' is limited, but of course it is all worth it:)

    1. So true, zero freedom in this house and same for Mums and Dads everywhere I'm sure! Thanks for reading :-)

  8. Great post! Love the comparisons :-) I'm Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question I have about your blog! If you could please email me when you get a free moment that would be great!

    1. Hi Heather - thanks for reading :-)
      happy to answer any questions - what is your email address?