Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Sometimes Secrets

Sometimes I 'wash' the baby with a wipe rather than giving him a bath.

Sometimes I tell strategic lies to my toddler. Like 'the bakery is shut.'

Sometimes I hide behind the fridge door and eat dairylea triangles and/or Chocolate Orange. 

Sometimes I put the baby in his bouncer in front of Baby TV. For 20 mins (an hour).

Sometimes I make up excuses to leave the park early because I am SO BORED with swing-pushing.

Sometimes I say 'yes' or 'definitely' in answer to a question from the toddler I wasn't listening to. Then I feel guilty so I let him have chips for tea. Just chips.

Sometimes I cry because I find being at home all day every day so bloody hard.

Sometimes I look at the front door and think how glorious it would be to open it and walk out into the fresh air on my own. 

But sometimes, I remember I married my best friend and made two beautiful boys. 

Sometimes I remind myself that it all came good.
The Unmumsy Mum


  1. You're right. No matter how much we moan about it it's great really! And as for TV as a parenting tool - you'll hear nothing from me!

  2. Sometimes I put the contents of a baby jar into a Tupperware instead when I'm out with my mummy friends because I can't be bothered to cook anything organic and I don't want them to judge me.

  3. I used to strap my son Into his bouncer, put nursery rhymes on you tube then lie down next to him and go to sleep for 10 mins (40 mins).

  4. I eat Crunchies behind a kitchen cupboard. They're far too good for children! ;-) Great post! :-)

  5. Sometimes (everyday) the best and absolute favourite part of my day is when they are both asleep

  6. Sometimes I tell my son that the ps3 is broken just so that we don't have to watch Thomas The Tank Engine on netflix again!

  7. Preach it sister! Im with you, 6 years down the line!
    Everyone says 'ooh lets have a baby' but its not just a baby, its endless nights time zombie feeds, its a tantrumy two year old (yes, that is a word) its a six year old that thinks they know the answer to everything etc.
    No one ever tells you how you how HARD being a parent really is, and to be honest ive never known loneliness like it. But if we produce offspring that feel loved and dont need that much therapy then, hurrah! Well done us!. As my friend Dory says, Just keep swimming x

  8. Being a single mum, sometimes the bouncer in front of the TV is how I get things done around the house, or it never would! I feel considerably less guilty over it now.

  9. And we have the same TV stand. Just throwing that out there 😂

  10. Sometimes (most days) I put channel 5 on in the morning instead of the Disney channel because the cartoons finish at 9:15 so I get to watch a bit of mummy tv (usually jk) or i send them to nanny's for an hour in the afternoon so I can "have a good tidy up" but really I sit and day chocolate and enjoy the peace (this occurs about once a week! Heehee)

  11. Sometimes I 'nip out' to Sainsburys and leave my son at home with hubby, then leisurely browse down EVERY aisle, savouring the freedom before I return home with my one item I came out for!