Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Sometimes Secrets

Sometimes I 'wash' the baby with a wipe rather than giving him a bath.

Sometimes I tell strategic lies to my toddler. Like 'the bakery is shut.'

Sometimes I hide behind the fridge door and eat dairylea triangles and/or Chocolate Orange. 

Sometimes I put the baby in his bouncer in front of Baby TV. For 20 mins (an hour).

Sometimes I make up excuses to leave the park early because I am SO BORED with swing-pushing.

Sometimes I say 'yes' or 'definitely' in answer to a question from the toddler I wasn't listening to. Then I feel guilty so I let him have chips for tea. Just chips.

Sometimes I cry because I find being at home all day every day so bloody hard.

Sometimes I look at the front door and think how glorious it would be to open it and walk out into the fresh air on my own. 

But sometimes, I remember I married my best friend and made two beautiful boys. 

Sometimes I remind myself that it all came good.
The Unmumsy Mum