Saturday, 21 March 2015

Who Wants a Teepee?

Firstly, I am a little bit too excited about this post. 

I have been asked to review, promote and link to a number of products since becoming a 'blogger' (I bloody hate that term, but if the shoe fits...)

Anyway, I have largely said no. Thanks but no thanks, as I do not want my page becoming a try this/buy this catalogue.

And then I came across local businesswoman (and mum) Becky, owner of Playful Little Places, and I thought HELL YES. I want in on the teepee action. 

So I am shamelessly capitalising on my blog following to help Becky sell some teepees. And offer you the chance to win one (see below). And if we're being honest to get myself a free one (with matching cushions and bunting). Happy days.
Beats the plastic tat usually cluttering my living room
Having read sponsored posts before, I think I'm supposed to take pictures of my whole family laughing and generally looking like the Brady Bunch inside the teepee. And detail how we relaxed in the teepee after baking a lemon drizzle and constructing easter bonnets (or some such shit). 

If you have been reading my blog, you will realise neither of the aforementioned activities occur on my watch, and I fail miserably at posing my children Boden Catalogue style (mainly because they don't follow instructions without bribes, and I am running low on bourbons). 

But we gave the teepee a go and it was FUN. 

Kids love dens, and Boy One was absolutely delighted with his new one, which we have to call the 'Bat Cave'. He spent a considerable amount of time gathering up toys to stash in his Bat Cave, and for this reason alone I am a massive fan. It bought me HALF AN HOUR'S PEACE. 

What's more, it isn't offensive to the eye. I mean it's a beaut. Becky is a curtain maker and that quality is evident. As is the fact she is a mum because the fabric is machine washable (handy, as I give it a week before sick/poo/dairylea appears in the creases). 

So thank you Becky, because you made Boy One's day. And mine, actually. 

The kids playing Angry Birds on the iPad (again) sometimes makes me feel like a terrible mother. The kids playing angry birds on the iPad IN A TEEPEE pretty much guarantees a Mum of The Year nomination. 
Not a 'Catalogue Family' pose I'm afraid
When my boys ask to read Mummy's blog in future, and point out my erm...honest account of their early years, I will simply show them these pictures and say 'that blog got you a Bat Cave.' 

Though there's no pleasing some people...

 The Unmumsy Mum 

Becky is currently running a competition on her Facebook page to win a teepee. You know the drill for these comps - follow the page, like and share the post via her page and cross your fingers.


  1. Lovely teepee, great that it is a local business as well x

  2. A try this buy this catalogue, that's brilliant!! The teepee looks fab, and it's always great to support local businesses. I'll definitely check out the competition :-)

  3. Love your writing. As a wanabee mummy blogger (although currently very part-time/barely existent), I've wondered about how commercial posts can sit comfortably in a personal blog without being completely insincere. You've bloody nailed it Unmumsy Mum. Brilliant post. And glad that you and your boys got a treat - you deserve it for all your hard work writing refreshingly honest posts that have got me through some tough days recently (as mum of 2 small boys too). Why is it tepees are so wholesome? I'm a sucker for them too.